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  Courses Open Day - Institute of Photography

Sunday 17 May: 12pm-5pm


With so many courses, covering most aspects of photography, it can be tricky finding the course that will make the difference for you. That is why we are holding another Open Day where you are invited to come down and have a chat with our tutors... more >>>
  Courses Open Day - Institute of Photography

IOP and Canon - Pixma Pro Printing Roadshow

Nothing can beat a print in your hands, and if it is a print of one of your own shots, then that beats everything! But printing is neither easy nor cheap, and this has always been the case. Is that not true? Not any more!

The Principal of the Institute of Photography always jokes that he used to have hair before he started trying to print his own shots! ICC Profiles, Perceptual or Relative Colour Metric, ppi, dpi, paper profiles; enough to give the calmest of people serious anxiety. But that was then, this is now... more >>>

Welcome to a new concept in Digital Photography Courses

The Institute of Photography are Ireland's only dedicated Digital Photography School. We were set up as a response to the need for specialised training in this exciting new area of photography. The explosion in Digital Camera ownership in Ireland in recent years means that many people are coming into digital photography with little or no formal training behind them. As a result we only teach digital photography, full stop

See what RTE thought about us!
"The Afternoon Show", RTE's premier afternoon television show, sent one of their journalists, Bairbre Power, on our Level 1 Digital Photography Night Course >>more.

Bairbre on her initial reactions to the course
Bairbre on the Night Shoot Dublin City Centre
Bairbre on how the course improved her photography

About the Institute of Photography

Our school is built on the philosophy of keeping the technical concepts simple so that our students can find it easier to understand and remember the key principles of photography and digital camera usage.

A unique aspect of the Institute of Photography Courses are the specially produced handouts. All of our notes are written in plain English and are illustrated with full colour photographs and drawings to show you exactly what you need to know. The handouts have all been fine-tuned in a classroom setting, so that each of our tips are guaranteed to work in the real world.

As trainers we realise that the human brain can only take in a little information at a time. Our specially produced notes are a key way to extend the amount of knowledge our students can retain. Not only that, but days and weeks later it is still possible to continue the learning process by simply re-reading the handouts.

Experienced Tutors
The tutors at the Institute of Photography know exactly what they are talking about. Not only have they long experience in teaching Digital Photo and Photo Software Courses, but are professionals in each of the areas they tutor in. They also have buckets of patience and good humour to boot!

Our Courses - designed to make photography easier
If you are interested in taking one of our courses please go to the List of Courses page, if you want to choose a venue that is nearest to you then go to the Course Locations page and if you want to see what the quality of the training material is like then go to the Sample Handout page. You can book a place on one of our courses by going to the Contact Us page.

Apart from training we also have a Photo Doctor page which might help you to figure out why a particular photo did not turn out the way you expected. This section has information and visuals to help you out free of charge. There is even a page showing some of the basic decisions you need to make before Buying a Digital Camera.

The Institute of Photography, helping you take great pictures!

Further Information
If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us at info@iop.ie, or call us on +353 1 633 9089.


Institute of Photography, 14-16 Lord Edward St, Dublin 2, Ireland. Tel: +353 1 633 9089 | Email: info@iop.ie
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Level 1 - Foundation

Night: Wed 6 May
Weekend: Sat 23/Sun 24 May
One Day Beginners Photography Course
Sat 25 AprDigital Photography
Level 2 - Intermediate

Night: Tue 5 May
Weelend: Sat 6/Sun 7 Jun
One Day Introduction to Digital SLRs
Sat 11 July

Advanced Digital Photography
Night: Mon 5 Oct

Half Year Creative
Photography Course -

Sept to Dec 2015

One Year Creative Photography Course
- Part Time

Sept 2015 to May 2016Photography & Digital Imaging Course - Part Time
Mon Wed 2 SepWEEK-LONG
Photography Summer School
Week Long Course:
Mon 10 to Fri 14 Aug 2015
Flash Photography
Level 1 - On-Camera Flash

Half Day: Sun 10 May
Flash Photography
Level 2 - Wireless

Half Day: Sun 10 May
Studio Photography
Level 1 - Foundation

Half Day: Sun 12 July

Level 1 - Foundation

One Day: Sat 20 Jun
Lightroom Level 1 - Foundation
One Day: Sat 18 July
Get to know your Nikon SLR
One Day: Sun 24 May
Get to know your Canon SLR
One Day: Sat 18 July
Free Dusk Shoot
Sat 18 July
Course Open Day
Sun 17 May
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